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2021-12-27 23:36:36 By : Ms. Echo Si

NEW YORK , Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Body Vision Medical, the pioneer in real-time artificial intelligence imaging for lung cancer diagnostics, announced that 1,000 patients have benefited from its LungVision system. Body Vision has FDA and CE approvals and started selling commercially earlier this year.

"1,000 patients have benefited from Body Vision's system. We wouldn't have accomplished this milestone without our continued partnership with pulmonologists who understand that real-time imaging and visual confirmation of their diagnostic tool inside the lesion are keys to successfully acquiring diagnostic tissue during lung biopsy," said Dorian Averbuch , CEO & Founder of Body Vision Medical. "We're humbled to impact so many patients. The rapid adoption of our technology by top U.S. institutions demonstrates the importance of tool-in-lesion confirmation for definitive diagnosis."

Physicians today struggle to obtain diagnostic tissue from pulmonary nodules because they're unable to see their tool relative to the lesion during biopsy. Body Vision uses artificial intelligence to produce 3D tomographic images with any C-arm, enabling pulmonologists to see exactly where the lesion is and visually confirm that they're taking tissue samples from within the lesion. Offered as a standalone bronchoscopy system or a real-time imaging, tool-in-lesion confirmation solution for robotic bronchoscopes, LungVision's seamless integration with existing bronchoscopy equipment uniquely positions it to provide superior clinical outcomes at a lower cost.

"When I first heard about LungVision, I was intrigued by the idea of not having to rely on a preoperative CT but, rather, to see live where the lesion is and where my catheter is relative to the lesion in real-time," said Dr. Nina Maouelainin, Interventional Pulmonologist and CEO & Founder of Lung Health Services Interventional Pulmonology. "LungVision's ability to produce tomography from any C-Arm and ensure in 3D that you're right where you are supposed to be prior to and during biopsy is so unique and clearly improves my diagnostic yield."

The average 5-year, lung cancer survival rate is just 18.6% in the U.S. Body Vision's mission is to make real-time imaging during diagnostic bronchoscopy an option for every lung patient.

About Body Vision Medical is a medical device company specializing in artificial intelligence, real-time tomographic imaging, augmented fluoroscopy, and visual tool-in-lesion confirmation during diagnostic bronchoscopy. The company, founded in 2014, is addressing the clinical need for early, definitive diagnosis of lung lesions via a minimally-invasive procedure.

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