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Pune, India, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - 2020-2030 global bronchoscopy market share, trends, analysis and forecast provides information on key developments, business strategies, R&D activities, supply chain analysis, competitive landscape, And market composition analysis.

The bronchoscopy market is expected to be worth US$18.9 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach US$45 billion by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%. A bronchoscopy is an instrument used for bronchoscopy, allowing experts to try aviation route tests. The bronchoscope has a rope-like structure that flows from the nose or mouth to the throat to the lungs. The application of adjustable bronchoscopy in basic medical procedures and sedation is booming. This has been implemented as a consultation practice for diagnosis and treatment of patients in need of primary medical care. Due to the spread of respiratory diseases, the demand for bronchoscopy has been increasing, and the repayment policy has been further formulated.

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Technological advancements have expanded the application of bronchoscopy in the analysis of different respiratory and lung infections.

Growth drivers of the global bronchoscopy market

The magnified advantages of different respiratory diseases are the main factors that decisively affect the development of the market. As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3.3 million people die from COPD every year. According to the American Cancer Society, by the end of 2018, there were more than 235,070 new lung tumors and cancer cases in the United States.

In addition, according to the UK Cancer Research Centre, approximately 47,800 new lung tumors and cancer cases are analyzed every year. In addition, as stated by the World Cancer Research Foundation, approximately 58.7% of lung tumors and cancers are registered in developing countries, which can be attributed to the prevalence of a large number of respiratory diseases. Therefore, the demand for bronchoscopy is expected to increase significantly between 2021-2031.

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The continuous improvement of the consumable endoscope market mainly depends on the development of the clinical needs of the endoscope laboratory, the increasing prevalence of target infections, resulting in an increase in the demand for endoscopes, and the innovation and progress of endoscope technology.

Among them, bronchoscopy applications may overwhelm the market due to the surge in the number of bronchoscopy-related infections in the past few years and the high availability of global gadgets. In addition, due to the expansion of global respiratory infections after the coronavirus outbreak since 2020, the application of bronchoscopy is expected to develop significantly. With the help of disposable bronchoscopy, the eye-catching treatment of respiratory diseases will establish market evolution 2021-2031 during the forecast period.

The Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs pointed out that, globally, the population of 60 years of age and over is growing at a rapid rate compared with the population of 17 to 30 years of age. People who are 60 years or older account for more than 11%, and it may rise to more than 23% by 2031.

According to the 2017 World Population Outlook, by 2031, the number of people over 65 years old will more than triple to 3.2 billion. The rapid increase in the elderly population has contributed to the expansion of bronchoscopy preferences, because people over 60 years of age are at high risk of contracting lung diseases. According to data from the World Health Organization, 23.7 out of every 140,600 adults aged 60 or above suffer from persistent respiratory infections. This is the fifth leading cause of death in the elderly population and has been on the rise.

The lack of talented and skilled experts, the greater expense of gadgets, and the chance of infection associated with handling reusable bronchoscopes are expected to limit the market during the estimated period.

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Major market segments of the global bronchoscopy market

In terms of revenue, the reusable part will account for the largest share of the entire industry in 2020. Versatility and sufficient cost are the main advantages provided by these gadgets. Therefore, more than 500 bronchoscopy systems were used in a year. This ensures that the market will be driven at a worthwhile speed during the forecast period.

Between 2021 and 2031, the clinic sector will occupy the largest revenue share in the absolute market.

The adaptive bronchoscope has high video quality and miniature size, which can enter the lumen. It utilizes an adjustable optical link to help achieve a 180-degree view and supports continuous video recording.

Optical fiber sub-segments have many advantages, such as excellent records, which can provide simple and identifiable evidence of tumors and diseases in deeper bronchioles.

As pointed out by the American Lung Association, adaptive bronchoscopy has a radically shorter recovery time compared to proctoscopy because they are less invasive, and then they will dominate the market in digital time because they treat two experts And the patient is beneficial. Cogentix Clinical's EndoSheath bronchoscope, Fujifilm's bronchoscope series and Teleflex Fused are conventional adaptive bronchoscope brands widely used all over the world.

The growing demand for the lowest-cost endoscopy system and the growing prevalence of the ongoing disease (coronavirus spread, etc.) are other key factors in expanding the demand for goods. Similarly, due to the low maintenance cost and higher reprocessing cost of disposable endoscopes, the ever-evolving demand for disposable endoscopes is expanding its demand and prompting medical experts to tend to use dispensable endoscopes. .

Again, the medical waste generated by these gadgets poses a threat to the climate, which may prevent demand sooner or later.

Due to the rapid increase in lung cancer cases and the strong presence of many mature market players in the region, North America is in a leading position in the bronchoscopy market.

The United States is the world's largest bronchoscopy market. Due to compulsory medical insurance, technological progress, increased medical expenditures, and extensive growth opportunities in China, Japan, and India, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to expand at a significant growth rate during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028. This area.

Due to the wide range of development possibilities in Japan, China and India, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to experience astonishing development throughout the forecast period. From 2021 to 2031, compulsory medical protection, increasing innovation progress, expanding use of medical services, and more and more global organizations wanting to consider the neglected clinical needs of these countries are driving market development.

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The main players in the global bronchoscopy market are:

FUJIFILM Corporation, Boston Scientific Corporation, Vimex, Laborie, Inc., Lymol Medical, EFER EndOSCOPY, SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH, PENTAX Medical, Uptake Medical BV, Cook, SCHINDLER ENDOSKOPIE TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, Teleflex Incorporated, Olympus Corporation, KA Ambu A/S, STORZ SE & Co., KGHANGZHOU ENDOTOP MEDI-TECH CO., LTD., Richard Wolf GmbH, SOPRO SA, Endoservice GmbH, OTU Medical and Novatech SA, etc.

Key market segments of the global bronchoscopy market:

Based on end user type

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