Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34

CORES Auto   bearing:1. Material: Bearing steel or chrome steel2. Features:A. auto wheel hub bearings are adopted with international superior raw material and high-class grease from USA Shell grease.B. The series auto wheel hub bearings are in the nature of frame structure, light weight, large rated burden, strong

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CORES Auto   bearing:

1. Material: Bearing steel or chrome steel

2. Features:

A. auto wheel hub bearings are adopted with international superior raw material and high-class grease from USA Shell grease.

B. The series auto wheel hub bearings are in the nature of frame structure, light weight, large rated burden, strong resistant capability, thermo stability, good dustproof performance and etc.

C. Auto wheel hub bearing can be endured bidirectional axial load and major radial load and sealed bearings are unnecessary to add lubricant additives upon assembly.

3. Application: Auto wheel bearing are mainly used on Ford, Chrysler, Benz, BMW, Audi, FIAT, Seat, Isuzu, Polo, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Nissan, Santana and etc.

4. Size: We principally provides automotive wheel hub bearings for open formula, single or double shield from 25mm to 43mm on inner diameter.

5. Packing: Carton and pallet

Wheel Hub Bearings
Bearing N0.Dimensions(mm)Net WeightSealUse in automotive  
CORES Bearing   dDBC(Kg)  
DAC124000183 C-00187 124018.318.30.11D   
DAC20420030/2956559256592 J22 204230290.18CMercedes Benz  
DAC205000206156704               320104  5020.620.60.17DFiat ,Seat  
DAC255200206 617546A 255220.620.60.19AFiat,Seat,  
c546467/576467BT2B445539AA   VKBA869 37370.31CRenault,Peugeot,CitroenIR2220 
DAC25520040   40400.35CPOLO  
DAC25520042  25BWD0142420.36CISUZU  
DAC25520043   43430.36CRenault,Peugeot,Citroen  
DAC25520045/43   45430.35C   
DAC25550043   5543430.41CRenault  
DAC25550045   45450.46C   
DAC255600206/29 BA2B633280 5620.6290.28AFiat  
DAC25560032445979BAH5000 32320.34ECitroenIR8520 
DAC25600029/206 BA2B633272 602920.60.33AFiat  
DAC25600045   604545  Peugeot  
DAC25620028/17   6228170.19D   
DAC25620048   624848     
DAC25720043   7243430.88C   
DAC27520045/43801437 27KWD02275245430.35CNissan  
DAC27520050   50500.38C   
DAC27600050 FW12027BWD01J6050500.56CNissan  
DAC28580042576447 28BWD03ACA51285842420.47C   
DAC28590038/28   5938280.4    
DAC28610042 VKBA134628BWD01ACA606142420.56DToyota, COROLLAGTIAE921.6*16V87 513031
DAC29530037801023ABVKBA3531            BTH1206AA 296137370.35C   
DAC30550026  30BWD08305526260.32A   
DAC30550032   553232  dune buggy ZZ  
DAC30580042 VKBA134930KWD01AG35842420.4C  513055
DAC30600037545312A        529891 AB         522372BAHB63313CA 6037370.42CFiat,Lada,lancia,seat,VolvoIR8040513116
581736405956A                        434201B VKBA1307 
DAC30600043/37   604337 E   
DAC30620038  30BWD106238380.52 Dune buggy  
DAC30630042 VKBA134430BWD01A                  30BWD01AC706342420.57ATOYOTA, CAMRY-91,CARINALL 83-92,CEL  
DAC30630342   63.0342420.56ATOYOTA CAMRY-91,CARINALL 83-92,CEL   
DAC30640042  30BWD03ACA786442420.49CTOYOTA  
DAC30670024 361971 6724240.34CFord Taunus  
DAC30680045  30BWD04CA196845450.73E  510031
DAC32700038   327038380.62E   
DAC32720034   7234340.6B   
DAC32720045  32BWD067245450.6DTOYOTA 513150
DAC32720345  32BWD05 P5A72.0345450.6D   
DAC32730054DAC3273W  7354540.98B   
DAC34620037531910BAHB311316B 346237370.41CAudi,Volkswagen  
561447309724Chrysler ,POLO/90
DAC34640034 VKBA138234BWD03ACA786434340.43DHonda JAZZAA1.2 B4-86  
805231BA2B309726            309726DA  
580400CA              805464479399          BAHB636114A
DAC34670037   6737370.44C   
DAC34680037  34BWD08A6838370.55    
DAC255200206   BAHB617546A  IR-8032BCA
DAC-25520037 546467 576467 BAHB445539 FC12025 GB40570 FC12784S03IR-2220C525 L29
DAC25520042  AU0501-421L206 25BWD01   
DAC25520043     FC12180IR-2221 
DAC25550043 803837   FC12271S03IR-2222 
DAC25560032 445979 BAHB5000  IR-8520 
DAC227520045/43 801437  27KWD02   
DAC27600050  DE0562LZCS34PXK244 28BWD8A 27KWD01  513071
DAC28580042DAC2858Wcs47 DAC2858 AWCS40 DAC28582RK   28BWD03ACA51   
DAC28610042DAC286142AWCS40   28BWD01ACA60 IR-8549 
DAC29530037       801023AB
DAC30580042  4T-CRI-0678 30KWD01AG3  513055
DAC30600037DAC3060372RS 6-256706  HB-3080C/SBR 513116
DAC30600337DAC3060W529891AB 545312 581736 BA2B633313C BAHB405956A BAHB41878030BWD07GB10790S05IR-8040 
DAC3062038    30BWD10   
DAC30630042DAC30630042A DAC3063WCS53   30BWD01   
DAC30640042DAC3064W2RKBS28 DE0776CS46 34BWD03ACA78   
DAC30650021 522372 543903 BB1B630374/C4 BAHB614593  IR-8014 
DAC30680045  DE0690A31 30BWD04CA19   
DAC32720345    32BWD05CA75 32BVV07-7   
DAC34620037 531910 561447 BAHB311316B BAHB309724  IR-8015 
DAC34640034DAC3464D DE0776CS4615A 34BWD03   
DAC34640037DAC3464G1532066DE 540466BDE07A39LL 6-256907E1 AU0701-4LLBAH0092 309726DA34BWD04BCA70 34BWD11Gb10084 HB-4022C/SBRIR-8041 
DAC34640037 580400CA 559529 BAHB636114A BAHB47939934BWD10BHB-110487/SBRIR-8622 
DAC35640037DAC3564A-1De0749 DE-0766LUA AU0704-1LLBAHB0042    510014
DAC35618040DAC3562W-S DAC3562W-5CS35 AU0706-3     
DAC35650035DAC3565WCS30546238A BT2B445620B BAHB443952 GB12004 FC12033S03 GB12438S01IR-8042C599 F31 7703090283
DAC35650037    35BWD14 35BWD19E   
DAC35660032   BAHB445980A BAHB-5001A  IR-8091 
DAC35660033   BAHB633676 BAHB-0015 GB12306S01IR-8089 
DAC35660037 546238 544307 BAHB311309 BAHB0023 GB12136IR-8055513021
DAC35670042    35BWD24   
DAC35680037DAC3568A2RS567918B 541153A 430042C BAHB633528F BAHB633295B BAHB633976 BAHB633967 BAHB0031A GB10840S02 GB12132S03IR-8611 IR-8026803374
DAC35680033/30    35BWD07ACA108   
DAC35680039/36    35BWD16CA74   
DAC35720228 544033 BAHB441832AB Gb10679IR-8028 
DAC35720033 548083 BA2B446762B BA2B445535AE BAH0013 GB12094S04 GB40582IR-8055LR03116
DAC35720433   BAHB633669 BAHB0013D Gb12862 Gb40714IR-8094 
DAC35720233/31DAC357233B-1W562686  35BWD08A 35BWD064ACA111   
DAC35720034DAC357234A540763DE0763CS46PXI 35BWD01CCA38   
DAC35720434      IR-8524 
DAC35760054    35BWD10   
DAC36680033DAC3668AWCS36805172 BAHB008736BWD04  Fw22
DAC36720534DAC367234A De0769 36BW01BCA60 IR-8005 
DAC36720042    36BWD03   
DAC367600292/27       440190
DAC3772033   BAH-0051B    
DAC37720037  6-256908  GB12807S03 GB40706IR-80667703090353
DAC37720237 527631 BA2B 633028CB    
DAC37720437 562398A BAHB633531B BAHBC0012 BAH0094 GB12131S03IR-8088Lr03145 C185
DAC37740045 541521C BA2B309946AC37BWD01GB12095S01IR-8513 IR-8049LR03115 LR03134
DAC38700037   BAHB636193C38BWD19GB13870S01 51720-29400 51720-29000
DAC38700038DAC3870BW DAC3870DWCS41686908A BAHB686908A38BWD21CA53  510012
DAC38710233/30DAC3871W-1CS74 DAC3871W-2 90369-38006 38BWD09A   
DAC38710039DAC3871W-3CS63   38BWD22  90369-38022
DAC38720034DAC3872A DE0863CS46P 38BWD04CA60   
DAC38720040DAC3872B12RSCS42 DAC3872W-10CS42575069De0871 38BVV07-10  513024
DAC38740036/33DAC3874368W574795A  38BVV07/NACHI  514002
DAC38720236/33DAC3872W-6 DAC38728CS81 DAC3872W-8   38BWD12CA145  510007
DAC38730040DAC3873W3 DAC38732RSCS53 DE08A48 38BVV07-20G 38BVVD26E IR-8550 
DAC38740236/33DAC3874W-6CS84  BAH-004138BWD01A1ACA147 38BWD15 38BVV07-26G 38BWD24   
DAC38740040    38BWD10   
DAC38740050 559192DE0892 DE0874 38BWD06 IR-8651 
DAC38740450       51008
DAC39680037 540733 528810 439622C 5403604TCRI-0868 De0810BA2B 309692 BA2B 309396 BAHB 309791 BAHB 311315BD39BWD02 39BWD03CA69 IR-8052 IR-8111 
DAC39680637 540733CA BAHB311315AD    
DAC39720037DAC3972AW4542186ATU0811BAHB 309639 BAHB 311396B BAHB0036A39BWD01GB12776IR-8085513113
DAC39720637 542186CA      
DAC39740036/34   BAHB395418   51720-2D000
DAC39740039 579557 BAHB636096A  IR-8603 
DAC40720037 566719 455608 BAHB311443B GB12320 S02IR-8095Fw130
DAC40720637       510004
DAC40740036  AU0817-1 40BWD15A   
DAC40740036/34DAC4074CWCS73   40BWD16   
DAC40740040DAC407440559493 BAHB636060C40BWD068 IR-8668801136 510003
DAC40740042DAC4074W-3   40BWD12CA88   
DAC40750037 559494 BAHB633966E BAH00686  IR-8593 
DAC39(41)750037 567447B BAHB 633815A GB12399 S01IR-8530328723
DAC40760033 55580 539166  40BWD08AC55  510032
DAC40760033/28 539166AB BAHB474743  IR-8110 
DAC40760041/38DAC4076412RS559226DE0891 40BWD05 IR-8583 
DAC408000302 523854 BAHB440320 Y44FB10394S01IR-8006 
DAC40800031   BA2B445469BA GB12088S01IR-8062 
DAC40800036/34DAC4080MICS68M  BAHB63618740BWD07   
DAC408402538     GB40250IR-8638 
DAC401080032/17   BA2B445533 TGB10872S02IR-8048 
DAC42720038  4T-CRI-0822BAH1866047A42KWD02   
DAC4272003846T080704X 4T-CRI-0881 42KWD02A0BCA123   
DAC42750037DAC4275BW2RS533953 545495D 521771 BA2B633457 BAHB311424A BAHB309245 BAHB603694A BAHB633196 BAHB633791 GB12010IR-8061 IR-8509513102 513112 LR0314
DAC42760038/35  TM-DU08A21 42BWD06 IR-8650 
DAC42760039 579102A4T-CRI-0821 CRI-0846 TU0802-4LLX/L588    513058
DAC42760040/37DAC4276402RSF547059A BA2B309796BA BAHB909042  IR-8112 
DAC42780041/38DAC4278C2RS DE0829CS32     
DAC42780045   BAH-0069    
DAC427800036/34   BAH-011742BWD13  510117
DAC42800037   BAHB633770 BAH0004-A42BWD08GB12955S04IR-8502 
DAC42800045DAC428045BW DAC4280W-2CS40  BAH-002842BWD11  510010
DAC42800042  DE08A30LLCS67PX2BAHB309609   513180
DAC42800342DCSAC4280B2PS52721B 582226 BA2B305988 BA2B309609  IR-8515513154
DAC42820036 561481 588226 BA2B446047 BAHB446097 GB40574 GB12163S04 GB12875 GB40574IR-8086 IR-8642513073
DAC42820037 565636 BAHB311413A GB12269IR-8090 
DAC42840034   BAHB440667  IR-8012 
DAC42840036 564717 BA2B444090AB GB10857S02IR-8039 
DAC42840236       513151
DAC42840039 543359B BAHB440090 GB10702S02IR-8101 
DAC42840339       7703090199
DAC43760043    43BWD12   
DAC437700455/415    43KWD07   
DAC790041/38DAC4379W-1CS57 DAC4379W2CS94   43BWD08   
DAC43800038 579943B    IR-8667 
DAC43820043    43BWD06   
DAC43800050/45DAC4380A DAC4380ACS69   43BWD03   
DAC43820045DAC4382W-3CS79   43BWD06  800941C
DAC43(45)820037 567519A 800941C BAHB633814A BAHB0011A  IR-8506 
DAC44825037     GB40246IR-8618 
DAC45800045 564725AB BAHB31136345BWD06  LR03104
DAC45840039DAC458439BW DAC4584DWCS76547103E BAHB309797C BAHB636149D BAHB633809AC GB40264S01 GB12398S02IR-8572 IR-8529513130 LR03132
DAC4584004/139DAC4584DWCS782   45BWC03   
DAC45840042/40  B-DE0994 AU-0901-4LX1/L260 45BWD07B 45BWD09   
DAC45840045    45BVV08-11G 45BWD10   
DAC45850023  4209ATN9 MT33VB2669 4209BTVH  GB12865S04IR-8566 
DAC458500302      IR8597 
DAC45850041 580191 578413A BAHB633960    
DAC48860042/40    48BWD02   
DAC48890044/42DAC4889WS   48BWD01  510050
DAC49880046 572506E  49BWD01B   
DAC49840048DAC498448WCS47 DU4984-7 BTHB329129DEFC40120S01 JXC25469DB
DAC50900034 528514 BAHB633007C    

Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34
Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34

Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34

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Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34

Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34
Auto Spare Parts Hub Bearings Wheel Bearing Dac38690039/34 38*69*39/34

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