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Procurement Reference Number: PR10224055 Requirement: The US Mission in Kampala invites responsible vendors to supply Medical Equipment listed below.

Equivalent to: Wall Transformer Green Series™ 777 Integrated Wall System, Oto, etc.

There are different versions of this wall mounted set. It should be: #1188043 Welch Allyn #777-SM2WAS. It contains a blood pressure cuff, otoscope and ophthalmoscope set, otoscope tip dispenser, and thermometer, all mounted on a board which goes on the wall. 

Equivalent to: Wall Transformer Green Series™ 777 Integrated Wall System, Oto, etc.

This one is different than the other three. It has a better ophthalmoscope and a digital BP, temp, pulse oximetry monitor. Include CSM

Equivalent to: Patient Monitor Welch Allyn® Spot 4400 Spot Check and Vital Signs Monitoring NIBP, Thermometer, SPO2 AC Power

(goes with mobile stand also in this order)

Equivalent to: Mobile Stand Welch Allyn Mobile Classic Stand With Basket For use with Welch Allyn Connex Vital Sign Monitors

(Need to make sure this is compatible with the Welch Allyn Spot 4400 Monitor also in this order; it isn’t clear on the website)

Equivalent to: Tonometer Set Reichert Tono-Pen® XL Applanation 2.1 oz

Equivalent to: Vision Screener Titmus V4™

Equivalent to: ECG System ELI™ AC Power / Battery Operated LCD Display

Equivalent to: Video Laryngoscope Set King Vision® King Vision

Equivalent to: Laryngoscope Blade King Vision™ Channeled Type Size 3 Medium Adult

Equivalent to: Laryngoscope Blade King Vision™ Non-Channel Type Size 2 Child

Equivalent to: Laryngoscope Blade King Vision™ Non-Channel Type Size 1 Infant

Issued Date: Nov 01, 2021 Closing Date: Nov 15, 2021 at 10:00am EAT


Please submit your quotes to email

Quotes MUST have detailed specification as selection will be based on the lowest price technically acceptable. Quotes must be valid for 60 days. 

Vendors are advised to add pictorial representation of the offer and state the delivery period.

Ensure that your bid response includes the Reference number stated at the top of this document

Due to the threshold of this requirement, the successful vendor MUST have a DUNS and active in and SAMS

This RFQ incorporates by reference FAR 52.212-5 and 52.252-2, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text.  The full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at this address:

DOSAR clauses may be accessed at:

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